Fighting the Winter Blahs

During the first part of 2015, I have been focused mainly on product development. We need to -- we're going to -- get the fit and feel of the first Noli pant right, darn it!!! A year in, I'm anxious to start selling. And I'm hopeful that you are eager to start wearing!

After an eye-opening, frustrating, and instructive first year of product development, I've just made our first change in direction -- or pivot, as we say in the entrepreneurial world. I thanked the fashion designer and sourcing firm we had contracted, bid them adieu, and found a new designer in New York City who just happens to work with a sourcing firm right here in Verona, Wisconsin. We're no longer trying to create a full outfit to launch Noli Fit. Instead, we're working intently to create the perfect pair of black pants in time for Fall 2015.

Some days it seems like winter will last forever in Wisconsin.

Some days it seems like winter will last forever in Wisconsin.

This time of year, I'm all about keeping my energy up and pushing through until the snow clears and the flowers begin to push up. In case you're feeling the same way, I captured my 7 Ways to Fight the Late Winter Blahs, including new songs for your workout playlist and new brands for your fitness wardrobe, to share with Noli Insiders. Not yet a Noli Insider? Sign up now to join the fun!

How do YOU fight the late winter blahs? What songs are you listening to on your workout playlists? Please share your ideas with our growing Noli Fit community below.

What's Happening at Noli Fit!

Hello Noli enthusiasts,

As I took stock of all that I was grateful for in 2014, I realized that it was high time to reach out to all of you who are helping to make my dream of Noli Fit come true, and say a big THANK YOU!

If it weren’t for you, I might have given up somewhere mid-2014, as I realized that producing a clothing line wasn’t going to be quite as easy as I had imagined. Thanks to your support, I’m still plugging away.

After not hearing from me for a while, are you wondering what's happening (as you anxiously await the super cool fitness pants I’ve promised)?

Well, I spent much of 2014 working to create Noli Fit, a line of fitness apparel for women who live like I do: working out regularly and enjoying all the benefits of regular exercise while also indulging in the sweet delights that life offers. So we’re fit, but not skinny. And, we want fitness gear that helps us look great and feel fabulous while we work to maintain the fit. Hence, Noli Fit!

Approaching the finish of the Madison half marathon in May 2014.

Approaching the finish of the Madison half marathon in May 2014.

I don’t have product to sell yet, but I have made significant progress in that direction. After months of research and hearing from people ‘in the industry’ that entrepreneurs like me "come along every day without much to offer" (Yes, someone actually did say that to me.), I’ve actually found people and resources to design and develop prototypes of pants, a shirt, a jacket and a headband. Awesome, right?! Yes, indeed, but we haven’t found the right fit yet. So please take a look at for a glimpse of our terrific start on the brand to help keep your enthusiasm alive.

And where do we go from here? Well, I no longer make resolutions after 40+ years of learning that I will just disappoint myself by breaking them in the months ahead (Sometimes it doesn’t even take a full month!), but I HAVE found that if I set one or two simple and achievable goals for the year ahead, I tend to discover parts of my best self in my efforts to achieve them.

Emboldened by reaching my 2014 goals of running my second half marathon (in May, woo hoo, just 14 years after my first one!) and bringing Noli Fit to life (see above), I have set not one, but TWO simple and achievable goals for 2015:

FIRST, I will learn to do a full cartwheel. It’s something I have always wanted to do. And, it’s a great way to remind my two daughters that like them, I still have so much to learn in life.

And, SECOND, I will run one of the Madison, WI half-marathons (that’s my stretch distance) wearing a piece of Noli Fit clothing!

From now on, expect regular updates from me, on both Noli Fit and the cartwheel. Thanks again to all of you for sticking with me!

Wondering where ‘Noli Fit’ comes from? Stay tuned.

Happy New Year!